Today’s organisations face a range of challenges that cannot be solved by technical solutions alone. To succeed, companies need to ensure they invest in the “Who” side of their business as well as the “What” side. The building of strong work relationships at all levels is an absolute must as organisations deal with new and complex situations each day. If relationships breakdown, the organisation will struggle if not fail.

Brendan Croucher Consulting is an Organisational Development Consulting company that focuses on supporting organisations to mobilise senior leaders, department and team leaders and teams, (The Who), to confront and address the challenges they face, as they pursue organisational objectives (The What)

With an outstanding and experienced team to support the delivery of large scale projects, Brendan Croucher Consulting focuses on supporting people to develop skills that enable them to 1) engage in crucial conversations 2) build stronger relationships 3) work collaboratively 4) increase the quality of their decisions and 5) deliver committed actions towards delivering business success.

"The most fundamental assumption of the underground managerial world is that truth is a good idea when it is not embarrassing or threatening -- the very condition under which truth is especially needed."

Chris Argyris
Author: Overcoming Organisational Defenses