Core Beliefs
  1. All people can work free from harm
  2. Understanding yourself and what makes you tick is the foundation of sustainable personal/leadership development
  3. What people think largely determines how they behave and the results they get
  4. People can take accountability for their own actions independent of what others do around them
  5. Building strong working relationships is critical to organisational success
  6. Collaborative work relationships deliver the most sustainable work results
  7. Decisions people make on a daily basis impact on the financial outcomes of business
  8. Rigorous communication is essential for organisational success
  9. Committed, thoughtful, passionate and visible leadership throughout organisations creates energy to deliver business objectives

Leadership is an activity. Leadership is what individuals do in mobilizing other people, in organizations or communities, to do what I call "adaptive work." Adaptive work can mean clarifying a conflict in values, or bridging the gap between the values that we stand for and the current conditions under which we operate. When you have a problem or a challenge for which there is no technical remedy, a problem for which it won't help to look to an authority for answers - the answers aren't there - that problem calls for adaptive work.

Ron Heifetz

Author: Leadership Without Easy Answers